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This document is a technical whitepaper to be used for information purposes only. This paper is not a statement of future intent. The contents of this paper and the RAREToken project could be subject to change, so please subscribe to e-mail updates on our website to be notified of any changes. Unless expressly specified otherwise, the products and innovations set out in this paper are currently under development and are not currently in deployment. RAREToken makes no warranties or representations as to the successful development or implementation of such technologies and innovations, or achievement of any other activities noted in the paper, and disclaims any warranties implied by law or otherwise, to the extent permitted by law. No person is entitled to rely on the contents of this paper or any inferences drawn from it, including in relation to any interactions with RAREToken or the technologies mentioned in this paper. RAREToken disclaims all liability for any loss or damage of whatsoever kind (whether foreseeable or not) which may arise from any person acting on any information and opinions relating to RAREToken contained in this paper or any information which is made available in connection with any further enquiries, notwithstanding any negligence, default or lack of care.

The information contained in this publication is derived from data obtained from sources believed by RAREToken to be reliable and is given in good faith, but no warranties or guarantees, representations are made by RAREToken with regard to the accuracy, completeness or suitability of the information presented. It should not be relied upon, and shall not confer rights or remedies upon, you or any of your employees, creditors, holders of securities or other equity holders or any other person. Any opinions expressed reflect the current judgment of the authors of this paper and do not necessarily represent the opinion of RAREToken. The opinions reflected herein may change without notice and the opinions do not necessarily correspond to the opinions of RAREToken. RAREToken does not have an obligation to amend, modify or update this paper or to otherwise notify a reader or recipient thereof in the event that any matter stated herein, or any opinion, projection, forecast or estimate set forth herein, changes or subsequently becomes inaccurate. Motion Ltd., its directors, employees, contractors and representatives do not have any responsibility or liability to any person or recipient (whether by reason of negligence, negligent misstatement or otherwise) arising from any statement, opinion or information, expressed or implied, arising out of, contained in or derived from or omission from this paper. Each recipient is to rely solely on its own knowledge, investigation, judgment and assessment of the matters which are the subject of this report and any information which is made available in connection with any further enquiries and to satisfy itself as to the accuracy and completeness of such matters. Any contribution made to RAREToken during the contribution period as described below is qualified as a non-refundable donation and the contributor waives the right to participate in a class action lawsuit or a class wide arbitration against any entity or individual involved with the contribution to RAREToken, with the allocation of RARE tokens and with the operation of the RAREToken.

Whilst every effort is made to ensure that statements of facts made in this paper are accurate, all estimates, projections, forecasts, prospects, expressions of opinion and other subjective judgments contained in this paper are based on assumptions considered to be reasonable as of the date of the document in which they are contained and must not be construed as a representation that the matters referred to therein will occur. Any plans, projections or forecasts mentioned in this paper may not be achieved due to multiple risk factors including without limitation defects in technology developments, legal or regulatory exposure, market volatility, sector volatility, corporate actions, or the unavailability of complete and accurate information.

It was decided that U.S. citizens, residents and entities should be excluded from purchasing RAREToken in the token distribution because of some of the logistical challenges associated with differing regulations in the many states of the United States of America. RAREToken does not believe that the distribution of RARETokens themselves are securities, commodities, swaps on either securities or commodities, or similar financial instruments. The RARETokens are not designed for investment or speculative purposes and should not be considered as a type of investment. Nevertheless, U.S. citizens, residents and entities should not purchase or attempt to purchase RARETokens. The RAREToken distribution contract, RAREToken smart contract and the RARETokens are being provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis without representations, warranties, promises or guarantees whatsoever of any kind made by RAREToken. Prior to purchasing RARETokens, you should ensure that you carry out your own examination and investigation and carefully review in their entirety the risks associated with purchasing RARETokens as set forth in the Purchase Agreement. Purchases of RARETokens are non-refundable and purchases cannot be cancelled. Under no circumstances will you be entitled to receive money or compensation for any RARETokens purchased or your inability to purchase RARETokens. The RARETokens do not have any rights, uses, purpose, attributes, functionalities or features, express or implied, including, without limitation, any uses, purpose, attributes, functionalities or features.

This paper includes a number of hyperlinks to websites of entities mentioned in this paper, however the inclusion of these links does not imply that RAREToken endorses, recommends, or approves of any material on the linked pages or accessible from them. Such linked websites are accessed entirely at your own risk. RAREToken does not accept responsibility whatsoever for any such material, nor for consequences of its use. This paper is not directed to, or intended for distribution to or use by, any person or entity who is a citizen or resident of or located in any state, country or other jurisdiction where such distribution, publication, availability or use would be contrary to law or regulation.

This paper may not be redistributed, reproduced or passed on to any other person or published, in part or in whole, for any purpose, without the prior, written consent of RAREToken. The manner of distributing this paper may be restricted by law or regulation in certain countries. Any disputes will be handled by the rules of Arbitration Court Sofia, Bulgaria and the applicable law will be that of the European Union and Republic of Bulgaria. RAREToken is issued and sold by Motion Ltd., a limited liability company registered in Sofia, Bulgaria with a company registration number 121475987 and its headquarters at: 22 Yanko Sofiysky Voyvoda str., Sofia, Bulgaria. Persons into whose possession this paper may come are required to inform themselves about and to observe such restrictions. By accessing this paper, a recipient hereof agrees to be bound by the foregoing limitations.

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