What is RareToken?

RareToken is a crypto currency token that is very rare in supply – just like gold is. The RareToken’s volume is limited to only 20,000 tokens, each having 2 decimal places only, like the real world currencies you are accustomed to, making it a very rare and scarce crypto currency. In fact it is much rarer than gold itself.

  • RareToken

    RareToken is based on the Ethereum blockchain and it is an ERC20 type of smart contract token. RareToken relies on the proven Ethereum technology and its vast network of supporting nodes and miners. Only 10,000 tokens will be distributed through an Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

  • What’s Good About RareToken?

    As we all know the rule of thumb – the price of everything is generally determined by demand and supply. The higher the demand for something, the higher the price and vice versa. Possessing a rare crypto currency token with very low supply makes it more valuable to the market.


Since RareToken is based on the Ehterium token, it is backed by its security, so it is just as secure as all other Ethereum coins, so there isn’t much to worry about the security behind it. It sits on a proven technology monitored and backed by thousands of people worldwide.


Store of value

due to the limited supply of tokens RareToken could be a great way to store your savings or investment funds over long periods of time


Great investment

with its very limited supply RareToken is a great token for investors



as RareToken gets listed on the major crypto exchanges you will have the opportunity to trade and exchange RAREs for other tokens



RareToken is based on the Ehterium token, it is backed by its security



you could simply hold RareToken as a rare collectible



with a limited token supply, its value will appriciate in the future

Token Distribution

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RAREToken is an ERC20 crypto currency based on the Ethereum blockchain, issued by Motion Ltd., Company registered number: 121475987. VAT ID: BG121475987.